CRV Maritime FAQ

1Who can become a National Volunteer?
National Volunteers are the volunteers mobilized by the ANVT=NVSAT on the request of a host institution to therein contribute to development programs. They are Togolese citizens. For further information visit
2What are the minimum criteria?
To be a holder of diploma or not* To be at least 18 years old (there is no maximum age limit)*To demonstrate a strong attachment to the values and principles of voluntary service*To respect diversity and to be able to work in a multicultural environment* To be able to adapt to changing environment which can from time to time, present difficult living and working conditions. In view of the specifities of the mission, the NVSAT can determine additional criteria of selection.
3For how long can I serve as National Volunteer?
The contract of voluntary service is for a maximal duration of a year and it is renewable. The contracts duration of voluntary service all renewals taken into account is five (05) years.
4Can I choose the place of my posting?
No. In your profile, you can indicate your preferences regarding the place of your posting. However, it is in consideration to the best and possible concordance between the competences of the applicants and the requirements of the posting in question that the volunteers are identified.
5Do National Volunteers benefit any financial compensation or other advantages?
The volunteers derive at first place satisfaction to contribute indeed to peace and development. However, NVSAT meets their needs in different ways during their appointment period particularly by paying a monthly subsistence allowance and granting an annual vacation.
6Can one cumulate a work agreement and that of national voluntary service?
The voluntary service is incompatible with any remunerated activity, except the production of scientific, literary or artistic works as well as accessory teaching activities except they are done with the permission of the host institution.
7Can a National Volunteer further his studies during his mission?
The voluntary service is incompatible with the furtherance of studies or vocational training. These must not in any case hinder the good accomplishment of the mission of the national volunteer.
8What is a host institution?
The host institution is a legal public or private entity which pursues a mission of general interest or a mission of professional insertion and receives the assistance of national volunteers.
9How can one become a host institution?
To host volunteers one must send a request to NVSAT and provide the necessary elements by following the framework indicated on the site web:
10What is the National Volunteer entitled to?
The National Volunteer is entitled to a monthly lump sum payment. He is also entitled to an attestation at the end of his mission and to two and half days of rest per months of mission accomplished. He is affiliated to the national insurance
11What are the duties of a National Volunteer?
For example: The National Volunteer must personally and carefully accomplish the mission for which the contract is concluded. He is held to professional secrecy and must not require anything from the host institution or any other people connected to the mission of voluntary service.

Community Development Department

1What is the role of the Community Department?
The Community Department is a specialized service within PASYD which is in charge of the local development with four (4) components namely community organization, capacity building, support to the elaboration of local development plans, and the implementation of micro projects. It implements the actions of PRADEB, of PN-PTFM and assists communities in the mobilization of resources for the implementation of their development plans through micro realizations.
2Are your activities carried out with your own funds?
We receive funding from the Government through these three programs which are; Programme d’Appui au Developpement à la Base (PRADEB) =Grassroots Development Support Program (GDSP); Programme National des Plateformes Multifonctionnelles ( PN-PTFM) = Multifunctional Platforms National Program (MFPNP), le Fonds pour l’Environment Mondial (FEM) = Global Environment Fund (GEF),AGAIB Maritime and Plateaux and also from Swiss Association” TO GO TO CHILDREN”
3What does PTFM mean?
PTFM means « Plateforme Multifonctionnelle». = Multifunctional Platforms. It designates a set of equipments constituted namely of grinding mills, alternator for diesel engine destined to ensure the processing of agricultural food products and energy supply
4What are the required steps to obtain a multifunctional platform?
A request form must be filled. After its validation follow the other steps: the community must construct the shelter where the platform will be implanted.
5What is the usefulness of the platform to the community?
The platform is implanted to alleviate the tasks for women in the community and enhance therein incomes through the processing of their agricultural food products
6Can the electricity the PTFM generates supply the whole village?
Yes, but according to a survey conducted by CEET, the Electrical Energy company in Togo, this can only be possible if additional and specific equipment are installed to help meet this need efficiently.
7What can be done with electricity generated by PTFM?
With the electricity that the PTFM generates electrical energy on which craftsmen can switch their equipment.
8What are the benefits of PTFM for?
They serve to finance Income Generating activities for women (IGAs) to contribute to funding development projects in the locality.
9What does GIE mean?
Economic Interest Group
10How can PRADEB be defined?
An EIG support request form must be filled. After examination and validation will the other steps follow.
11What are the required steps EIG must take to benefit the support and counselling of PRADEB?
You must fill out the EIG support request form. After study and validation, follow the other steps.
12In what do the support and the counseling consist?
It consists in training the EIGs through well precise thematic and facilitating their access to financial services.
13What must an EIG do to have access to credit?
To have access to credit-PRADEB, the EIG must submit a micro project.
14What is the amount of PRADEB’s financing?
The ceiling is 2 500 000 CFAF.
15What is the interest rate of the credit?
The interest rate of the credit-PRADEB is 9%
16Does the Counselling of PRADEB stop after the facilitation of access to credit to EIGs?
No, after the obtention of the credit, the EIGs are supervised in the management of their activities.

Department of Entrepreneurship FAQ

1What is the role of the Department of Entrepreneurship?
It supports the creation and the development enterprises by training and counselling promoters of business ideas in the elaboration and reentering the business plan, the mobilization of resources and monitoring the management of the enterprises.
2What is the meaning of PRADEB and FAIEJ ?
PRADEB, means « le Programme d’Appui au Développement à la Base = Grassroots Development Support Progam» FAIEJ means« le Fonds d’Appui aux Initiatives Economiques des Jeunes ».=Young People’s Economic Initiatives Support Fund
3What is the age bracket to benefit from the two programs?
PRADEB is destined to persons aged from 18 to 40 years. The age bracket to benefit from FAIEJ is comprised between 18 and 35 years.
4What is the file to submit?
For PRADEB and FAIEJ the file is the same. It is composed of a letter of application, an identity photo, -a copy of an identity document, - an attestation of diploma or of training, - a criminal record dating less than three months.
5What is the standard level of study or diploma required to benefit from the programs?
The applicant must have reached form three or third year of secondary school or he must have obtained CFA= Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship (CCA) both for FAIEJ and PRADEB
6What is the ceiling for the allocated funds?
The ceiling is 250 000 F CFA individual entrepreneurs and 6 000 000 for those who want to associate for FAIEJ and 2 500 000 F CFA for PRADEB
7What is the nature of the financing? Is it a grant or a loan?
It is a loan guaranteed by the Government with the micro finance Institutions.
8What training the beneficiaries of the financings are subjected to?
A training in creation of enterprise which lasts five days for the beneficiaries of PRADEB and fourteen days for those of FAIEJ
9What is the cost of the training?
The training is entirely free of charge with food and accommodation
10How much is the reimbursement rates of the loans?
The rate is 4, 5% for FAIEJ and 9% for PRADEB.

Human Resources and development of Competences (HRDC)

1What does the Department RHDC do at PASYD?
It ensures the daily management of Human resources, the recruiting processes the relations with the CNSS, the elaboration mission orders, the evaluation of the personnel, training, etc.
2Are there opportunities to undergo a training period at PASYD?
3What are the documents to submit for an application for an application for a training period at PASYD?
1. an application letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of ÄSYD, 1. curriculum vita, 2. copy of the attestation or any proof of the last degree obtained
4How many departments does PASYD have?
PASYD is composed of 7 departments.
5What are the departments of PASYD?
1. Administration & Finances 2. Human Resources and Development of Competences 3. Entrepreneurship 4. Community Development; 5. Communication and Citizenship; 6. Voluntary Service. Regional Centre in Maritime; 7. Monitoring& Evaluation
6How does personnel recruiting take place at PASYD?
After the expression of a need in human resources felt by a department and validated by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the HRDC, the satisfaction of the position is looked for internally within the personnel: contract employees, for promotion if it is a position of responsibility, national volunteers or trainees for work contract if it is an executive position. When the internal turns to insatisfaction, a recruiting process is launched according to international standards to recruit the appropriate person for the position to be filled.
7What are the types of contracts that PASYD proposes?
Fixed term contract, Open-ended contract, and Voluntary Service and Training period.
8What are the status of the workers at PASYD?
Wage-earners, National Volunteers, trainees
9Can the trainees or les national volunteers become wage-earners at PASYD?
Yes! A special treatment is accorded them during the recruitment
10Does PASYD offer training to its personnel?
Yes, at least once every quarter and in line with many thematic related to the ongoing projects or in preparation. Trainings are also organized on the utilization of new and innovating tools and techniques of work.