Creation, mission and objectives

Partage et Action en Synergie pour le Développement, (Sharing and Action in Synergy for Development) is a Non-Governmental Organization created in January 2001 in Togo. Its mission is to contribute to constructing in Africa an economic, social, self-centered, inclusive, and sustainable development. It is about co-constructing with grassroots populations, men and women, social and economic organizational models which can alleviate poverty; i twill be based on individual, community and collective capacity building and a support to self-reliance initiatives communities as well as social and vulnerable groups. This mission is articulated around five (5) key pillars which are: training, research, technical assistance, communication and partnership. It is based on four (4) fundamental values such as participation synergy, professionalism active and responsible citizenship. It aims at five (5) main objectives which consist in:
  • guiding village and urban communities in setting up social projects which are necessary for the well-being of their populations;
  • promoting the creation and the development of small enterprises to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and the amelioration of poor people’s incomes;
  • educating people to adopt changes in their behaviors and attitudes for the perpetuation of development efforts undertaken in their favor;
  • promoting a sustainable management of the environment;
  • promoting good governance, social justice, responsible citizenship, and gender and peace equity.

Affiliation to CSOs Network

PASYD is an active and influential organization with in Togolese and African civil society It a member of the Union of the Non-Governmental Organizations of Togo (UONGTO =UNGOT) since January 2006 and member of Economic, Social, and Cultural Counsel of African Union (ECOSOCC-UA) since December 2014. Within ECOSOCC-UA, PASYD is member of two commissions «Affaires politiques et Gouvernance = Political Affairs and Governance» and «Commerce et Industrie = Commerce and Trade».

Official Recognitions

PASYD was declared on 14thMarch 2001 at Ministry of Interior and Security and enjoys the following recognitions from the Government of Togo:
  • Receipt of association of the Law of 1901 under number 0092/MAT-SG-DAPOC-DOCA of 15thFebruary 2007;
  • Development NGO quality recognition attestation issued in 2008by the Ministry of Cooperation, of Development and Land Use Planning, under number n°490/MCDAT/2008;
  • Program Agreement with Togo Government in 2008;
  • Headquarters Establishment Agreement the Government of Togo through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 2009.

Administrative Organization

The NGO PASYD is structured into four different organs:
  • The General Assembly: it is the decision making organ of the structure and it brings together all the members;
  • The Board Directors: it constituted of five (5) members who monitor the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly;
  • Auditor ship or Auditors’ Office: it consists in two members who are responsible of controlling the regularity of the financial operations of the NGO
  • The Executive Board: it is responsible for the implementation of the programs and projects of the NGO. It is composed of fifty persons of which 28 wage-earners and 22 national volunteers. It works under the leadership of an Executive Director and it is divided into seven Departments; each department is under a Chief of Department.
  • The permanent team is occasionally supported by external consultants and foreign volunteers;
  • With the creation of branch- offices in France and in Switzerland the NGO hosts over 500 volunteers from Canada, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. This international relationship enables the NGO to have at its disposal very important reservoir of diversified competences.
  • PASYD has its headquarters in Lome, a regional office in Tsevie, (the capital city of Maritime Region)), prefectural sub-offices in Vogan (Prefecture of Vo), Aneho (Prefecture of Lacs and Bas-Mono), Tabligbo (Prefecture of Yoto), and Assahoun (Prefecture of Ave).

Areas of intervention

To carry out its goals, PASYD intervenes in following areas:
  • Community Development
  • Gouvernance and Citizen-friendly Development Education ;
  • Entrepreneurship ;
  • Environment
  • Environmental Health and Sanitation

Means of Action

PASYD’s means actionare:
  • Communication ;
  • Training;
  • Technical assistance ;
  • Guidance ;
  • Counselling;
  • Partnership ;
  • Monitoring and évaluation.

Collaboration with the State of Togo

PASYD collaborates with the State of Togo tin implementing certain programs and it plays the following roles:
  • Regional Center of Voluntary Service in the Maritime region for the State Agency for Voluntary Service in Togo;
  • Check-in desk for young people promoters of entrepreneurial ideas for the Young People’s on the account of Young People’s Economic Initiatives Support Fund (YPISF) le (FAIEJ) in “Young People’s Economic Initiatives Support Fund” (YPISF)Young People’s Economic Initiatives Support Fund (YPISF)Region Maritime;
  • Local Relay for the Grassroots Development Support Program;
  • Local Relay for Multifunctional Platforms National Program;
  • Implementation Organization of the component: “Sensitization of populations on the respect of public infrastructure in urban areas” of the project for urban planning in Togo; this project is carried out by the Togolese Government with European Union’s financial support.

Organization chart of PASYD